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The following links contain additional projects, puzzles, games, etc. related to Fun Math Club lessons. To make best use of them, students will need the background from the related Fun Math Club lesson.

Resource material from CTY Data and Chance Course at Stanford, Summer 2005

Folding a hexa-hexaflexagon Hexa-hexaflexagon
Latin Square Puzzles and Designs Latin square puzzles Latin square puzzle Latin square design
Solving the Color Cubes Puzzle Color Cubes
Graph Tracing Puzzles Face Graph
Tic-tac-triangle Game Sheets Tic-tac-triangle Game
Star Polygon Templates Star polygons
Sol Lewitt Puzzle Sol Lewitt Puzzle
Magic Mystery Number Worksheet and Square Magic Mystery Number Square
Tetrominoes Worksheet Tetrominoes
Tetrahedron Symmetries Worksheet Tetrahedron

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